Final Exam Questions

Post date: May 03, 2017 1:23:18 AM

Question: For the third question on the take home final, it says to explain why the EE version are grammatical and the PDE versions are not—however, there aren’t any PDE versions of the sentences. Does this mean that we need to make those versions up?

ANSWER: I should have said that differently. The question is why those sentences (as written) would be grammatical in EE, but ungrammatical in PDE.

Question: For #1, is it enough to draw the tree with labeled constituents, and then make an argument based on the “rule of thumb” type rules about what kind of constituents take what kind of complements? I ask because there’s no rule or principles around those laid out specifically in the book (it’s more from your lectures that I’ve picked it up).


Question: For #3, it seems to me like no tree is needed, as the grammar differences can be explained without one. Is that ok, or would it be better to include trees?

ANSWER: Trees aren’t required, but the answers will be clearer with trees.